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Discounted Fees for New Clients – Winter 2018

The Winter season can bring with it a number of physical and emotional symptoms and conditions, from colds and flu to skin problems, gastro-intestinal issues, and especially feelings of sadness and depression.

Homeopathy can provide support to the body’s immune system and balance, to help reduce the severity of these symptoms or eliminate them.

To encourage those who have not yet tried homeopathy, I’m offering discounted fees to new patients during the Winter 2018 season through January 31st 2019. My special fee schedule is as follows:

First Consultation (constitutional treatment – 60 to 90 minutes): $250 – REDUCED TO $195 FOR WINTER 2018
First Consultation for babies and toddlers (ages 4 and under): $200 – REDUCED TO $150
Follow-Up Appointments (30 to 45 minutes): $150 – REDUCED TO $125
Acute Appointments (coughs, colds, flu, etc. – 30 minutes): $125 – REDUCED TO $100

Skype and phone appointments are available at the same cost as office visits.

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