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Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety Attacks

I was prescribed with strong antidepressants by my GP due to severe anxiety attacks that I had been suffering. I was extremely unhappy with the stated long-term side effects of these drugs, and sought alternative advice from another two doctors and again was prescribed antidepressants. I felt that little attempt had been made to diagnose what was causing these attacks and that the purpose of the antidepressants was to desensitize my emotions so that in effect I could no longer feel my emotions. This, for me, was a massive price to pay as I felt that if I could no longer feel my emotions then I would no longer be a human being which to me defeated the purpose of life.

I came to Jennifer to see if homeopathy could assist me with what was now a very serious issue for me as it was severely impacting my work and was leaving me both mentally and physically wrecked. I immediately felt more comfortable when Jennifer addressed the root causes of the anxiety attacks and matched the homeopathic remedies to these root causes. The remedies prescribed by Jennifer strengthened my immune system and helped to initially ease and then stop completely the anxiety attacks. The remedies have no adverse side effects whatsoever. The remedies also gave me the strength and clarity to make the changes I needed in my life to prevent the anxiety attacks occurring again.

I found the counseling aspect of Jennifer’s treatment especially helpful as it assisted in giving me the confidence to move on and deal with my issues and helped me to recognise that the anxiety attacks were not unnatural or my fault and that they were simply a natural response by my body to the external pressures that were being exerted on me. I can now say that I am completely free of anxiety attacks, that I am a definite convert to homeopathy and that I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. — Male, age 28


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