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Homeopathy cured my Endometriosis that was preventing pregnancy

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and mild Endometriosis after having difficulty trying to conceive. Due to this condition my periods were extremely irregular and I was not ovulating. Very painful cysts had developed which required an operation to have the numerous endometriosis cysts removed. I was attending a fertility clinic and believed the only option to achieve a pregnancy was daily injections of fertility medication to help the ovulation, combined with IUI.

About 18 months after my operation, I was diagnosed with a new Endometriosis cyst. I decided that it was time for a new approach and found the Homeopath, Jennifer Gordon. Since visiting Jennifer, within 3 cycles of homeopathic remedies I had a checkup Ultra Sound on the endo cyst to see if it was growing, and to my surprise the cyst had gone! The relief was incredible – no need for another operation.

For the first time, I have had 3 regular periods and I have even experienced ovulation symptoms. My overall well-being has also greatly improved with my skin clearing, better quality of sleep, and more energy during the day.

The difference I have experienced in a short timeframe since working with Jennifer has been amazing. She has a lovely, calming and very approachable manner. I look forward to new and exciting results. Thank you, Jennifer.

Female – age 32


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