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Homeopathy for Post / Long-Haul COVID Symptoms

Currently, one of the most common benefits of homeopathy, and other forms of complementary medicine, is the treatment of symptoms lingering or returning after the COVID virus.

I completed a post-grad course which addressed the use of homeopathic remedies to treat post COVID symptoms which can last for weeks and months after COVID is contracted. Symptoms include fatigue, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, loss or altered sense of taste and smell, hair loss, hormonal irregularities, chronic inflammation (mucus, joint pain), and others. While conventional medicine has its place, it is often limited in ability to strengthen overall immunity which is vital for the person to be able to have the vitality to push through and overcome the virus.

Homeopaths are also reporting that clients who have suffered COVID can have a return of past symptoms that had been resolved. I had a client who had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) as a young adult who, thanks to complementary medicine, had been cleared of all IBS symptoms for several years. After contracting COVID her IBS symptoms returned, to her surprise. We used homeopathic remedies to help her system overcome the virus, which cleared the IBS symptoms as well.

When working with a client that has COVID, the homeopath will take an extensive case profile that includes health history, the individual’s COVID symptoms and any lingering effects. The homeopath will then recommend an individualized treatment plan or remedies, which are safe and naturally-derived from plants, animals and minerals, to help strengthen the client’s immune system and support it in overcoming the virus.

As complementary medicine is a holistic therapy the client’s mental and emotional well-being is significant in homeopathic treatment as lingering COVID symptoms can bring resulting frustration, depression or anxiety. The client can experience despair over symptoms that have lasted for weeks or months, or become anxious that there may be a more serious underlying health condition. During treatment, clients often report that their mental and emotional wellness has returned along with their physical health.

One of the silver-linings of the pandemic is that many people for the first time explored homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, and osteopathy, wanting to integrate a natural and overall wellness approach to their health. They have come to acknowledge that a strong immune system may be the best defense against any viruses.

It is also worth mentioning that other factors such as nutrition, supplements, exercise and work-life balance (which can be supported by yoga and meditation) are equally important in having a good and healthy quality of life.

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