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Finally Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

I just wanted to praise Jennifer for finally getting me a good night’s sleep after almost 3 years of my children’s night waking and night terrors. Hopefully it’ll help somebody else.

I have a 3 year old that has been suffering from night terrors, for the past 18 months since her little brother was born. When he was born, he started with being hospitalised at 2 weeks for bronchialitis for a couple of weeks, then colic and then it turns out he’s allergic to everything, from dairy to dust mites. I was at my wits end, because he just screamed 24/7 and when he would finally get to sleep, my daughter would start with the horrific night terrors, which would mean hysteria for anything up to 45 mins.

My sister suggested a homeopath (I had already tried cranial osteopathy and everything else to no avail), and so was slightly dubious, but how wrong was I. I went to Jennifer Gordon in Ballsbridge (086 359 4557) who listened to me for an hour whining about my kids, and was so sympathetic and understanding. She gave me a couple of different things to try for both kids and my god the difference in both of them is unbelievable.

The medicine for the night terrors worked immediately and we had our first full calm night for her in months and she now only gets them maybe once every 2 weeks. My son’s eczema cleared up within the week and he is without a doubt a different child. Happy, calm, everything you could wish for. Anyway, I know this sounds like an ad for Jennifer, and I swear it’s not, but she just improved our life to such a degree that I think she deserves some praise and hopefully if anyone is thinking of homeopathy this will give them the push to give it a go. Anyway, I’m now like a bloody missionary, boring all my friends about it by spreading the good word! — Female, age 27

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