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Reduction in Menopausal Symptoms

I was referred to Jennifer Gordon by a Doctor for menopausal symptoms.  I had reached a point where I felt I couldn’t cope any longer with mood swings, lack of sleep, hot flashes and depression.  It was as though I had been possessed by someone or something else.

After my consultation with Jennifer, and her ability to understand and assure me she could help, I left her office with great enthusiasm.  I could not believe that within a matter of days I had been transformed back in time to the old me.

It is now six weeks since I first visited Jennifer and I still cannot believe how good I feel.  I wake in the mornings feeling like I have had a month’s holiday, the hot flashes have decreased from about 10-15 per day to 3-4 and the intensity has decreased by at least 80%.

I feel even and calm now and full of the joys of living. The icing on the cake has been that I have now lost 10lb weight over the six weeks and have no food cravings anymore.  It’s a miracle. Thank you so much Jennifer, you have saved me! — Female, age 52


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