Children’s Ear & Stomach Complaints

April 3rd, 2009

All three of my children were sick and I was feeling exhausted when Nelson’s (Homeopathic Dispensary) gave me Jennifer’s number. I am happy that they gave me the right number! My 3 ½ year old son had hearing loss from chronic ear infections and the GP was recommending grommets. After starting homeopathic treatment, as well as massage, and changes in his diet, he is beginning to improve and we have decided against the medical procedure. My 10 year old daughter went for constitutional treatment to boost her immune system and my 16 year old son who suffered chronic tummy bugs and allergies. He has not only done very well with his physical symptoms but has also had a noticeable lift in his moods. I have found working with her to help me with my lack of energy and depression. My experience working with Jennifer and homeopathy has led me to consider training to become homeopath! — Female, age 40


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