Eczema on Back of Our Baby Girl Significantly Reduced

September 7th, 2014

After 6 weeks, 2 GP visits, creams from 2 chemists and creams from 3 health stores, we discovered Jennifer. She immediately made us feel at ease and felt confident that she could treat our baby daughter Ruby’s skin condition. This was such a relief as we were at our wit’s end and found it so upsetting looking at our little girl getting worse and not being able to really help her.

After 3 days on the homeopathic remedy we were delighted to see such a rapid improvement in her skin. With nightly porridge baths, twice daily moisturising and the remedy, we finally had a solution that worked. We have provided some photos below, showing the change in Ruby’s back after just 3 days of treatment! About one month later, her back was completely clear.

I would encourage anyone with a similar condition to embrace the homeopath route and get to the root of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms with traditional medicines.

We are truly grateful to Jennifer for her support and help in treating Ruby and will seek out her help for any future illnesses.

Eczema on Back Before Treatment

Eczema on Back After Treatment


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