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Homeopathy for Childbirth

I’ve always been interested in homeopathy and have used it for different illnesses over the years. Having moved back to Ireland from abroad in August, I set about researching homeopaths in Dublin. Jennifer’s testimonials were enough to convince me I’d found the right one.

She has helped support me through labour, with no epidural, and during recovery. I didn’t need any painkillers, which baffled the nursing staff. Jennifer helped with establishing my milk supply, with mastitis, colds and flus.

She is an excellent homeopath, and always available in an emergency. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. — Female, age 35


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Homeopathy for Labor & Childbirth

Jennifer has been my homeopath for the last two years and has helped me with various health ailments, emotional support, health support during pregnancy, labor, during the post-natal period and now healthcare for my baby. Her remedies were lifesavers during that sleepless newborn stage. She always seems to know exactly which remedy I need and often gives me an acute dose which offers almost instant relief from symptoms. However, Jennifer has offered much more than just homeopathy. She has been a tower of support for me on my journey, always there to listen and help in whatever way she can. Jennifer is a caring and sensitive practitioner who listens without prejudice and offers advice wisely. She always manages to create a wonderfully calm and welcoming environment that makes visits an absolute pleasure. I always leave her clinic feeling refreshed and renewed. — Female, age 32

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Homeopathy cured my Endometriosis that was preventing pregnancy

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and mild Endometriosis after having difficulty trying to conceive. Due to this condition my periods were extremely irregular and I was not ovulating. Very painful cysts had developed which required an operation to have the numerous endometriosis cysts removed. I was attending a fertility clinic and believed the only option to achieve a pregnancy was daily injections of fertility medication to help the ovulation, combined with IUI.

About 18 months after my operation, I was diagnosed with a new Endometriosis cyst. I decided that it was time for a new approach and found the Homeopath, Jennifer Gordon. Since visiting Jennifer, within 3 cycles of homeopathic remedies I had a checkup Ultra Sound on the endo cyst to see if it was growing, and to my surprise the cyst had gone! The relief was incredible – no need for another operation.

For the first time, I have had 3 regular periods and I have even experienced ovulation symptoms. My overall well-being has also greatly improved with my skin clearing, better quality of sleep, and more energy during the day.

The difference I have experienced in a short timeframe since working with Jennifer has been amazing. She has a lovely, calming and very approachable manner. I look forward to new and exciting results. Thank you, Jennifer.

Female – age 32


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Homeopathy Effective for Morning Sickness in Pregnant Women

Thanks to the current baby boom, expecting Mothers are ringing me looking for safe treatments for pregnancy-related symptoms. It is here that homeopathy can provide a safe, gentle and effective alternative to conventional medicines and treatments, which often have potentially dangerous side-effects, for anything from morning sickness to heartburn.

I recently treated a newly expecting Mother who had horrific nausea; she was constantly sick or feeling as if she was going to be sick. During the consultation, I asked her when her nausea was worse or better, what types of things gave her any relief, including vomiting, and about her general appetite and thirst. The remedy that emerged was Colchicum, which is made from meadow saffron. After only a few doses over a few days, this remedy gave her enormous relief and restored her appetite.

Another case was of a woman expecting her baby in February, who felt exhausted, irritable, and constipated. During the consultation I asked when her energy was at its best and worst, what types of coping mechanisms she had for her irritability, and her overall digestion. I prescribed a homeopathic preparation of Sepia, made from the ink of a cuttlefish. This remedy restored her energy levels, lightened her mood, and greatly improved her bowels.

Remedies are readily available at many chemists, health food stores, or through Nelson’s Homeopathic Dispensary on Duke Street. They are relatively inexpensive, approximately €6 to €8 per remedy, and can be repeated as frequently as needed with no danger of addiction or side effects.

This is some of my favourite work as a homeopath because remedies ‘fill the gap’ where conventional medicines leave off. They provide an effective alternative without endangering the safety of an unborn child.


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Pregnancy, Eczema & Morning Sickness

Homeopathic treatment really helped me throughout my pregnancy. I referred Jennifer to several family members. She cured my sister for eczema and then helped my sister-in-law with horrible morning sickness. — Female, age 32


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