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Eczema on Back of Our Baby Girl Significantly Reduced

After 6 weeks, 2 GP visits, creams from 2 chemists and creams from 3 health stores, we discovered Jennifer. She immediately made us feel at ease and felt confident that she could treat our baby daughter Ruby’s skin condition. This was such a relief as we were at our wit’s end and found it so upsetting looking at our little girl getting worse and not being able to really help her.

After 3 days on the homeopathic remedy we were delighted to see such a rapid improvement in her skin. With nightly porridge baths, twice daily moisturising and the remedy, we finally had a solution that worked. We have provided some photos below, showing the change in Ruby’s back after just 3 days of treatment! About one month later, her back was completely clear.

I would encourage anyone with a similar condition to embrace the homeopath route and get to the root of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms with traditional medicines.

We are truly grateful to Jennifer for her support and help in treating Ruby and will seek out her help for any future illnesses.

Eczema on Back Before Treatment

Eczema on Back After Treatment


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Reducing Psoriasis Symptoms in my 12-year old son

My 12-year old son developed psoriasis when he was in second class, which now covered his head, forehead, arms, back, front, and legs and caused him suffering with desperate itch and pain as well as the emotional pain of being bullied in school.

Month upon month, doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist….then the creams, lotions, tablets, steroid creams, shampoos…nothing seemed to work and to be honest, the daily routine of all these was a nightmare and upsetting for my son. Then a friend of mine suggested I try Homeopathy and having nothing to lose — I decided to give it a go.

From the first session, Jennifer made us feel at home and my son took to her. From that moment I knew we were doing the right thing. After trying a few remedies and over several months I noticed that he was beginning to itch less and the scaly patches were turning white and shedding skin. From there the patches were turning red and smooth and I noticed that they were starting to clear with healthy looking skin emerging within patches.

At our follow-up appointment, Jennifer pointed out that my son was sleeping better, seeming to complain of less headaches and stomach aches, and most amazing — his warts had turned black and were falling off. He was also coping better at school with his mates and his marks improving. His teachers even commented on this at a recent parent-teacher meeting.

People say psoriasis is a life long ailment. I now believe that with the help of homeopathy our bodies can mend themselves. When I see the difference the past few months has made to my son, I know it was so worth it. Some “before” and “after” photos are below. — Female, age 36

Psorias on Leg Before Treatment

Psorias on Leg After Treatment



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How My Psoriasis Was Cured

There is no cure for psoriasis: it is a chronic or long-term condition. This is what we are told.

A friend recommended that I go and see a Homeopath, Jennifer Gordon, and at this stage I was willing to give anything a go.

Over the course of a one hour session, Jennifer talked to me about my condition, what was going on in my life when I first got psoriasis. After the lengthy session she felt confident that she could identify a remedy specific to my case, to cure my psoriasis from the inside out. I trusted in the process and believed that this was the best cure. After about six months of taking the remedy and living healthily the psoriasis faded away completely. It seems like a long time but at least it’s a thorough way of healing and curing the body of this condition.

I no longer need to take the remedy and am thrilled with my new found health. It’s great that 11 years after first developing psoriasis I have clear, shiny, healthy skin and scalp.

Jennifer works from a loving space. Her environment is calming and comforting and she is gentle and caring. I opened up during the therapy sessions and found myself saying things that I never thought I would. Jennifer really listened to me and guided me to the truth in any situation or problem I explored with her. She is the real deal, a genuine healer, someone whom I adore being in the company of. I left each consultation with shiny eyes and fresh vigour for life. I recommend homeopathic treatment from Jennifer for all I know and love. — Female, age 26


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